My escapism – seedy vids & weedy writings


I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. The results of the EU ref and the subsequent implosion of British politics, has gotten me down.

So, I find solace in agriculture –  finding comfort in reading, listening, learning to all things ecological farming. And, when I can, I find solace in the doing – planting, weeding, harvesting – gathering, lambing, shearing.

I feel like whatever happens in this world, the skills I learn to cultivate nourishing food, to encourage resilient soil ecosystems, to steward healthy livestock – will aid me, will contribute to society. A bit of stability in a shaky time.

Just a wee snippet to find solace in today. A beautiful little video of saving seeds, and an article musing about why farmers keep farming – despite many barriers. It also points to one of my favourite models of farming, Community Supported Agriculture.

Find the article, from Over Grow the System, here: “The feel of the land: farming that nourishes land and people” and the video below.